A coaching and community platform for a network of conscious entrepreneurs who seek less and enjoy more in life.  

Where entrepreneurs can work less, earn more, and gain the freedom to live in alignment with their values and purpose. We value flexibility, work-life balance, and personal satisfaction more than the relentless pursuit of rapid expansion and overwhelming success.   


I help entrepreneurs to gain freedom


Hey! This is Mandy Pao, the mastermind behind The Aligned Entrepreneur and I am a seasoned entrepreneur and brand coach committed to guiding individuals in crafting businesses that align with their values and purposes.

With a decade of experience in Branding & Marketing, I have orchestrated events for prestigious brands like Paramount Hollywood, Dior, and Alexander Wang. Known as the "Brand Building Expert", I specialize in guiding my clients from a state of imbalance to a fulfilling life. 

My approach is unique, holistic and purpose-driven, integrating strategy, branding, and value alignment in the brand-building process, which has garnered me acclaim in notable publications like Beijing Times, SCMP, Harper's Bazaar, Liv Magazine where I was honoured as the Gold Winner of Women of Wellness, and more.

In addition to my branding expertise, I am also an accomplished speaker and workshop leader. I have had the privilege of conducting workshops at venues like WeWork, Garage Society and The Hive. Furthermore, I've made appearances on Morning Macau TV and Macau Radio FM1007. My diverse clientele spans leading chiropractic studios, Forbes 30 under 30 honorees, impact-driven SMEs and more.

"After 10 years in the branding, marketing, and business trenches, I'm done adhering to society's outdated 9-7 rulebook. I've created this coaching platform to gather a group of like-minded individuals for modern entrepreneurship. We should be dictating our schedules, not being enslaved by them. True, sustainable entrepreneurship is about passion, values and purpose: doing what you love, collaborating with those you genuinely enjoy being around and serving those in need. It's high time we redefine the entrepreneurial landscape on our terms."

- Mandy Pao Founder & Creator of TAE

Work Less, Live More Online Course


 Our 'Work Less, Live More' online course is specially designed for entrepreneurs who value peer support and aim to work smarter, increase their income, gain freedom, and align their businesses with their personal values and lifestyle goals, all within a community of like-minded individuals.

Suitable for


Startup founders 

Small to medium-sized business owners 




Individuals who…


• Value work-life balance 

• Want to create a business aligned with their purpose and values 

• Are aiming to build a business that fits their desired lifestyle 

• Want to build a business but don't know where to start 

You'll walk away with:


• Have a business that aligns with your values

• Have a brand that speaks to your audience on a deep level

 Learn how to scale your business by working smarter, not harder

• Start living the life you desire

• Become part of an incredible community of solopreneurs who share the same value

Course Curriculum



HKD 17,994 (HKD 15,000/early bird)

Our 2-month intensive 'Work Less, Live More Formula'

1. Weekly LIVE Coaching

2. Bi-Weekly Office Hours

3. Monthly Guest Workshops

4. Access to Wellness Library (Habit Tracker, Mindful Journal, and more)

5. Access to templates, lesson summaries, worksheets, exercises, and more!

6. Community of entrepreneurs who share the same values

7. 12 months of access to the Work Less Live More Community.

8. Access to recordings and program materials for 12 months.



HKD 85,000 (HKD 76,500/early bird)

1:1 guidance from Mandy

1. Everything in Standard

2. 6 Months of Implementation & Consulting with Mandy

3. 3-Hour Discovery & Planning Session with Mandy

4. Bi-weekly 2-Hour 1:1 Coaching Session with Mandy

5. FREE access to ALL future live cohorts

6. FREE access to ALL future live guest workshops


The Aligned Entrepreneurs is not just a community;

it's a movement. 


At The Aligned Entrepreneurs, our ethos centres around creating businesses that offer not just flexibility and freedom, but also a deeper alignment with your core values. It's about crafting a life where you work less and enjoy more, moving beyond the unnecessary pursuit of constant expansion.

Think of running your business with fulfilment as the primary goal, not just expansion. Whether it’s working from a beachfront café or brainstorming your next big idea on a mountain retreat, it’s about finding joy in the simplicity and authenticity of your entrepreneurial path. Our vision is to redefine the traditional entrepreneurial journey, placing value on flexibility, freedom, and personal satisfaction.

We're not just building businesses for profit; we're creating them with purpose.



Strategically brand with intention and finesse. Enrol in our courses or download the templates, all meticulously curated by our seasoned experts, to ensure your brand's ethos aligns seamlessly with its values and purpose.



A collective of conscious entrepreneurs united by passion and purpose. Share ideas, collaborate, and find unwavering support in a community that uplifts your vision.




Tap into expert insights, be it in a collective setting or a tailored one-on-one. Navigate business challenges and dissolve creative barriers.


 Let's Get Aligned. 

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